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Euterpe Garden

Although it forms a visual balance to the Clio Garden, the less formal Euterpe Garden is a much looser interpretation of the garden room. Euterpe, the muse of music, represents one of Miss Hogg's greatest loves. The precise location for the statue was chosen because of two superb trees--a loblolly pine and an American sycamore--that predate the house and still stand. Euterpe sits in front of columns of Japanese yew, shaded by overhanging branches of pine and oak. At the base of the statue, maidenhair fern are flanked by George Tabor azaleas and taller banks of Formosa Statuteand Judge Solomon azaleas. Euterpe GardenRedbuds, pink oriental magnolias, and purple Mexican plum trees are planted nearby. Look for blooming redbuds in February and March, azaleas in March and April, and magnolias in May and June.

Euterpe, 1938
Antonio Frilli Studios,
Florence, Italy, after a work
in the Vatican Museum, Rome
Carrara marble

Euterpe Garden, 1938-39
Designed by C. C. "Pat" Fleming
and Albert Sheppard in
collaboration with Miss Hogg


Hurricane Carla destroyed many of the trees in this garden when it struck Houston in 1961. Several more trees fell during Hurricane Alicia in 1983, forming a triangle around Euterpe, but the statue somehow escaped damage.

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